What does learning look like to you? Take your pictures this month and when you are finished, select at least one to share here.

Please write a few words as well to share your thinking as you looked a the meaning of learning through the lens of a camera this month.

Paula W> to start, I'll just share that for me, learning happens all the time, and I feel much as @RussGoerend describes in his blog, Learning is life.: What is wrong with me? . TODAY, I also am interested in David Warlick's resolutions and in Pam Moran's thinking . I also have just discovered John T Spencer's blog (I LOVE his brand--"I teach. I write. I live. I want to do all three authentically.") And, I find his blog about The Impact Paradox stimulating to think about. I think all of these things will influence my thinking about learning this month. What do you think might influence yours?

Hadley F>Getting involved in the 2.0 world brought back my sense of myself as a learner. I was whisked out of the spaces where I was an expert and authority, the Teacher in the room, to a whole new world where change and growth are constant, where I always need to be learning to stay a part of it all. At first it was terrifying. I was filled with a sense that if I made the wrong move, I might blow up the world, or at the very least, my computer. Now, I am learning to play and to learn while I am playing. Part of doing this project is to enhance the growth that comes from trying new activities. I am a total novice to flickr, so that will be part of what I need to learn.

Ann L> Once again my friend you have jogged my thinking. Since you tweeted this idea, I find myself focusing on learning all the time. Last night, I was watching my son closely to examine how he learns. We were playing scrabble and I thought I would see evidence of his language skills. I did. What I wasn't expecting was to see his math skills. I watched him try to add double digit numbers to keep score. He hasn't learned that yet in school. I helped him a little with the first attempt and then I witnessed his mind turning and fingers flying. I love that. Just today, I was the student. My niece was teaching me how to use the camera on her DS. I actually stopped her, so I could video the process. I also witnessed my son and my niece and nephew connecting on a whole new level. They were texting, chatting and drawing pictures and sending them via their DS Game systems. It reminded me of how the members of my PLN often connect both on-line and face-to-face simultaneously. I love to learn, all the time. Now, I am actually paying attention to the cognitive process. Thanks for this!

Paula> this is exactly what I was hoping we would do, look at learning differently and see things we wouldn't have seen otherwise. I loved a tweet I saw today from @digimom who said "And why do I buy them toys, exactly? http://yfrog.com/4au7msj " The picture was priceless. I'm also thinking about another wiki I did last year about looking at the world differently and thinking how to combine these two, looking at visual literacy.

Ann, I've been looking at your photos and thinking about what I can see in them about learning--your words here helped me see what you were.so where do we put these words to help us all "get it" more? See discussion here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/eduimages/discuss/72157623121100188/

Thanks, all, for thinking and examining our beliefs about these words together!

Hadley > I am amazed at what being involved with you and my PLN has done to my sense of myself as a learner. The
world is so full of opportunities to grow and change. I love thinking about learning every day, looking for ways to show it. I am seeing it in so many places. Thanks for the idea of a theme, Paula.

Even better than my own learning, here is what I got from a student:
"Hi Ms. Ferguson,This is kind of random, but I just wanted to thank you because after hearing about your 365 day project i was inspired to create a project of my own. I started thinking a little more and I even came up with an idea for my 8th grade project!!! I was having a lot of trouble coming up with an idea before so i wanted to thank you for helping me!!!!!! I'm going to try to find a quote for every week and make a booklet that can be sent out to hospitals and nursing homes. I want to see if I can even hang posters up in the local Doctor offices. I think your idea is soooo cool and it really helped my come up with an idea of my own.THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! :)"
So exciting to spark her imagination and thinking! Also, pretty amazing that she took the time to tell me! Great day!

Any ideas: I am finding that I have no problem taking a picture a day, but posting them is a challenge. Right now, the whole "taking out the card, hooking up the cable, downloading, uploading, posting" is too much of a process to do daily. What are others doing?

Paula->Hadley, What a great story!! Isn't it fantastic when we find out what an inspiration we've been to others somehow? It was sweet of her to share and I can only imagine how happy and proud you probably felt.

I simply don't have the time to upload each day, so I am doing it every several days. I would say just do it when you can--the important piece, in my mind, is to upload your choice ones here the end of the month so we can all compare and think/talk about those. :-)