Get your hands dirty!

052 - Scraps

dated Feb 17, 2010

How much more information is retained when students get their hands directly ON what they are studying? I had all our middle school students take apart computers, keyboards, and mice this week. It was dirty and dusty work - the kids had a blast. They learned about hard drives, processors, expansion slots, and so much more. Their test will consist of coming up to my desk to look at an open computer and pointing out the pieces and parts, identifying them and telling me what they do. It's a hands-on activity from start to finish. The students explored and asked questions... they went beyond anything that a simple worksheet exercise or looking it up on the internet activity could give them. INQUIRY? You bet. They kept digging, they kept asking.

What happens to all the scraps? My media lab is next door to the art studio... the art teachers are taking all the scraps to use in an art project with these same students. I can't wait to see what they produce!

Christina DiMicelli (@MrsDi)