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Paula White
Flickr Learning Set
I have been struggling with how to make wikis more collaborative--when I use them with kids, I mostly manage a glorified drop box. I think the reflection piece of this one, and the conversations it may engender will make it more collaborative. I hope, anyway!
Elementary Gifted Resource Teacher/Lead Learner for PD
Diane Cordell
I blog at Journeys
Retired K-12 Teacher/Librarian
Editor & Facilitator for CyberSmart! Education Company
Christina DiMicelli
I blog at Brave the Deep

2010 resolutions include this first try at 365 and a new blog!
Technology Integration Specialist (K-8)
Tech Teacher grades 6,7,8
New Hampshire
Paula Naugle

Classroom blog
I teach 4th graders math, social studies, and technology in New Orleans, LA.
Ann Leaness
I blog at Lifewithl
It's a struggle sometimes but I am trying to keep on going. I love to learn all the time!
HS English Teacher/TTL
Grad Ed Adjunct
Linda Clinton
Literacy, Learning & Sharing: Learning Out Loud!
K-8 Literacy Coach and dissertation-writing doctoral candidate. Michigan
Melissa Techman

K-5 Teacher/Librarian and Tech Lead Teacher at a small suburban/rural school outside Charlottesville, VA (Albemarle Co. Schools)
Luann Lee
HS science teacher, Washington State; doc candidate
Cassy Turner
Just finished up a 365 for 2009 and ready to repeat the project for 2010.
Singapore Math Consultant, Coach, Trainer
Hadley Ferguson
Blog: Middle School Matrix
I am totally new to Flickr and to 365 Project, but am really looking forward to doing it.
Middle School history, Tech Board faculty rep, 8th grade advisor, Mom, Grandmom and wife
Yoon Soo Lim
Decided to join PLN 365 and then was inspired by Paula's theme. So my January pictures will be about learning :-)
Music Dept. Chair, teaching grades 3,5, 7, & 8. Also part of PLP & wife & mom
Enjoy inspiration by fellow teachers & challenges in way of thinking
Middle School Science Teacher